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The Steadfast

World | Earth | Community | Self

Dedicated to improving the lives of the people around us – and that includes yourself!

The Steadfast is currently run by Miranda Lemure and Volpe. Though we certainly don’t hesitate to draw a weapon in defense of the innocent, healing and diplomacy are equally important to our ethos.

The Tribe

Survive | Grow | Adapt

We exist to help each other survive and grow stronger. Together we are stronger, because no one else will stand with us.

The Tribe are not apart of the syndicate, they are a new guild that has appeared to be separate from the Syndicate of old and the shadow it casts. Founded by Jira, the Tribe sought to be the place where those who do not seem to fit in among the planes can find home and companionship. The Tribe puts it’s priority on survival of it’s members, each member will have their own way of survival, and as long as it isn’t harming another Tribemate, it is perfectly fine. Whether that be Necromancy, manipulation, devotion to a god, or even the vendetta against one, if it makes you stronger, it is worth you doing.





The Neverdawn Network

Secrecy | Possession | Diplomacy | Power

Dwell in shadow, lie in light.

We are the infiltrative power of the Syndicate. Our voice influences those powers that would oppose the work of our guild, and find weaknesses that can be used to exploit for our gain. We are the subvert voice of power, a quieted control that manipulates and tugs Fate to our will. We remain in the shadows, pulling the very strings that determine the very destiny of the Syndicate.



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