What do we do in our community?

The Community

The Syndicate Roleplay Game primarily functions on Discord. We welcome people to join our immersive blend of fantasy writing and dice-based gameplay, wherein people can build their own characters with customized statistics and interact with other player characters. Opportunity for more structured play follows as posted by our Quest Masters and Fateweavers, where our player characters are invited to go on adventures across the seven planes. As this is primarily internet based roleplay, players are welcome to interact with one another on server any time you are interested. 

Based in Utah

A more localized community in Utah allows for periodic in-person meetings. Our community meets up roughly twice monthly for in-person tabletop gameplay, using the same characters from our server to go on immersive quests. Picnics, soirees, photoshoots, and general fun are the name of the game. Check out our OOC calendar for information on meets and updates there.

A Community of Safety

We do expect members of our community to treat one another, and to treat boundaries between character and player with respect. If at any point, you are experiencing character bleed, we advise you to step away for a bit and take a break to focus on yourself. We have a wonderful team of moderators to help facilitate any conflicts that may arise; however, we heavily encourage a peaceful and supportive community.

Join Us on Discord!

Primary roleplay takes place on our discord servers. There is one main server, and a secondary that houses each of the other six planes. We encourage all new players to join, read around, and ask questions. Come join us in-server and let your adventure begin!

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